Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wow! Special Gardens is Truly Special!

What a community! What a town! Tomorrow we scheduled a work day to get all of our plants in the long bed in the courtyard. Brisbane resident – Maia Highsmith of Special Gardens (out of Redwood City) who has been consulting on the selection of our plants phoned last night, she wanted to know if we wanted a couple of her employees to come up today (Saturday 10/23) and prep the beds and plant the big stuff to give us a head start. (Humm...let me think about that.... YES!) To make a long story short they planted it all!

Maia picked out and up tons of plant matter she got most of the plants at cost for us, some of the plants were even donated! The results are amazing! When the pros come in they know how to do it right. As soon as the last plants went in the ground the rains started and gave the beds a drink. Thank you Maia and your team at Special Gardens for giving so generously to our school and community! This is what it is all about giving back and building community. Our project has been filled to the brim with goodness from people and businesses.

Don't worry folks....we are not done yet there will still be time to be part of this f
antastic project. Once the last three U shaped benches are installed we will have some more opportunities to get our students and families planting.

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